List your services on the NCAPFM Website

Online Listing Requirements


A subscriber shall be in good standing as a Practitioner Member of the North Carolina Association of Professional Family Mediators and shall meet one of the three qualifications:

  1. Subscriber has completed 40 hours of family mediation training approved by the Association for Conflict Resolution or the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission and has been practicing in the conflict resolution field for a minimum of three years;
  2. Current Custody and Visitation mediator employed by the Administrative Office of the Court;
  3. Family Financial Mediator certified through the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission.

A member wishing to initially list or a subscriber wishing to renew a listing shall meet all of the following qualifications:

  1. Have been a member of the NCAPFM for at least 12 consecutive months preceding the intended listing date;
  2. Attend one NCAPFM meeting within the previous 12 months;
  3. Renewal members shall tender listing fees (during the annual renewal process) no later than December 31 of the current year to remain eligible for following year.  Members listing for the first time or after a lapse in listing shall tender listing fees at the time the listing is created.


Listing Criteria

Each eligible member may be permitted to subscribe to the online listing service on the NCAPFM website.

  1. Listing information shall contain only the following information
  2. Name prefix – Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss
  3. First Name
  4. Middle name or initial
  5. Last name
  6. Suffix – limited to: Jr., Sr., I, II, III…
  7. Business name including
    1. Primary NC city of service
    2. Primary contact phone
    3. Secondary contact phone
    4. Fax phone
    5. Website URL address
    6. Email address
    7. Informational Statement not to exceed 50 words.  Such statements shall:
      1. Be accurate in nature
      2. Be quantifiable
      3. Be text only
      4. Be in paragraph or bullet format, or combination of both
      5. Not claim levels of past or expected mediation success


Duration, member responsibility, and fees

  1. Listings shall remain on the NCAPFM website through December 31 of each calendar year and are renewed concurrently with a NCAPFM membership.  Listings not renewed by this date shall be removed and not be eligible until the following year.
  2. Members shall notify Communications Chair of any changes to their listing as soon as the circumstances change.
  3. Fees – First year/relisting after lapse – $50.00, Subsequent consecutive years – $15.00.


If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please click HERE.